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Strong Nerd

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Cause that's the bottom line, cause Strong Nerd said so [18 Jun 2003|01:17pm]
Sorry I have been gone so long fellow Strongbadians, been visiting the local country side taking reports from villagers saying that Nerdidor is on a rampage again. If I have to hear one more, "He ate my auntie!" I think I am going to banish them all to some place that really sucks, like Strong Sad's room. Five minutes in there and they will be begging to be eaten by Nerdidor.

So, this test has been going around town and thought I would give it a try. See how accurate it is and all. SO here it is.

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Strong Nerd Test [07 May 2003|07:11pm]
Dear Strong Nerd,

Have you taken the Geek Test yet? I am 66% geek! W00t! How much of a geek are you?

Full of Crap,

Bakersfield, CA

Dear Tori

I don't need some test to tell me how much of a geek I am. I know for a fact I am 100% geek, in fact, they should base their test off of me, cause who is more geek then me? Whoa, that's a pretty good idea.

The Strong Nerd Test

1. How many computers do you have in your house?
A) 8+ computers, I got more computers then NASA.
B) 3 - 8 computers, I'm l33t.
C) 1 - 2 computers, Computers are fun.
D) What's a computer?

2. How much time do you spend on the Internet?
A) Daylight, what is that?
B) 3 - 8 hours
C) 1 - 2 hours
D) Internet? Who has time for that with fabulous shows like American Idol on!

3. What do you do when you are on the Internet?
A) Hack, crack, download. I know more IP addresses then phone numbers.
B) What don't I do? I buy everything from groceries to clothes online.
C) Chat and e-mail. I've got more buddies online then I do offline.
D) I don't have the Internet. I'm on AOL.

4. How many action figures do you own?
A) 20+. The Simpsons, best action figure ever.
B) 5 - 20. I have an action figure for my favorite band, TV show, sports team, etc.
C) 1 - 5. I just have a couple of my favorite.
D) I don't collect dolls.

5. What is your beverage of choice?
A) Coca-cola or some other soda.
B) Juice drinks, like Kool-Aid, V8 Splash, etc.
C) Alcoholic drinks, nothing like a cold one.
D) Water, 8 glasses a day, uh-oh, gotta go to the bathroom.

6. How are you at sports?
A) I'm the best, you mean sports video games right?
B) Watching is fun, and I occasionally shoot some hoops while I wait for the Matrix Reloaded to download off the net.
C) I'm a total jock! (Jock being the anti-geek, why are you taking this test?)
D) I like to watch them, especially when the guys are all hot and sweaty.

7. What is your connection speed (i.e. bandwidth)?
A) Cable/DSL, I brake for nobody.
B) LAN connection at work, I would sleep in the office if they let me.
C) 56 kbps dial up, my life sucks, shoot me.
D) I don't have a connection, I just play hearts and solitaire on my computer.

8. What is your favorite store?
A) Fry's Electronics
B) Electronic's Boutique
C) Best Buy
D) The Gap

9. What did you think of the Matrix?
A) It's not just a movie, it's real man. Good thing I know Kung-Fu.
B) It was good but didn't understand the plot in some parts.
C) It sucked but Carrie Ann Moss, boy, I wish I could upload my hard drive into her.
D) Didn't see it, when I want to see a good movie, I'll watch Clueless.

10. Who is cooler?
A) Weird Al Yankovic
B) Bill Gates
C) Hank Azaria
D) Joshua Jackson

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Who's Awesome? Strong Nerd is! [05 May 2003|11:28am]
Hey the Cheat, there is a message in my Alphabits. It says, Ooooooooooo. Oh wait, I'm eating Cheerios.
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All Hail Nerdador [05 May 2003|11:15am]
I am so awesomeCollapse )
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I am still awesome [04 May 2003|02:32pm]
A Crap for Brain says what?
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Visit scenic strong_badia and see the many interesting furry animals [29 Apr 2003|06:56pm]
Dear Strong Nerd,

How come I can't e-mail you and you don't have an AOL Instant Messenger name? I so want to talk to such an awesome nerd.

Crapfully yours,

Lisa S.
Sac, CA

Dear Lisa,

First off, I'm sorry, I mean come on, you're from a town that abbreviates to Sac. How lame is that? I mean, sure, you can put some cool things in a sac and look at them to get free drinks, but who would want to live in a town called Sac? But, I suppose it is better then living in Testicle, PA.

Secondly, I now have an e-mail address you can write me at. Strong_Nerd@hotmail.com is my new e-mail address so go ahead and e-mail your many questions you have about me. I am also now on AIM. My user name is Str0ng N3rd cause I am l33t like that. Anyway, drop me a line some time. Until then, have fun living in Sac.

Yours Crapfully,

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Hello, My name is Crap for Brains [28 Apr 2003|05:19pm]
Hi, my name is Scott and I can't come up with my own idea, so I'll just steal Strong Nerd's great ideas.

Hi, my name is CNN and I don't know how to research an article properly.

Man, did Scott even mention me anywhere in that article? No, cause he's a thief. He claims that he has been wearing a name tag for 900 days. Is that some kind of accomplishment? Strong Mad has been wearing the name tag I slapped on him for over 5 years now, mainly because he never washes that singlet he wears. Man, that thing reeks.

Anyway, I'm pretty ticked off CNN didn't contact me. This is just like that time we tied 20 balloons to the Cheat and he floated over that military base and they tried shooting him down with a squadron of F16s. Man that was so funny. Kind of boring though that they locked up the Cheat for 6 months for violating their air space, but hey, he got some really cool tattoos in prison. But still, did CNN try to contact me, it was my idea after all...I mean, it was Strong Sad's idea.

That's all for now, but incase you ever run into Scott, punch him in the stomach for me. Lousy, good for nothing, Crap for Brains, thief.
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Droppin a beat [24 Apr 2003|09:40pm]
These people are trying to phase me!
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I need a drink [24 Apr 2003|07:31pm]
I need to find a way to get a drink without actually getting a drink. strong_wife, get me a drink!
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Root Beer [24 Apr 2003|12:26pm]
Man, what a crazy go nuts day this has been. So listen up Crap for Brains, I'm only telling this once. This is how the story goes.

Strong Mad, the Cheat, and myself were all hanging out over by Bubs' concession stand and we decided to have a burping contest. I go first and grab a can of Root Beer from Bubs and chug the whole thing down and let out the mightiest burp ever. It literally knocked the Cheat over. I was like, woooo, I'm so awesome. Nothin burps better than Root Beer.

The Cheat goes next and chugs a can of Root Beer and of course you know how the Cheat is, he grabs a megaphone and burps into that. Mine was still awesomer but he managed to shatter a few windows. I got to give it to the little guy, he sure does know how to cheat.

Strong Mad, not to be out done, grabs a can and chugs it down and trys to burp but nothing. He grabs another can and chugs that too, and still nothing. Finally he chugs his third root beer and when he goes to force a burp out...well, let's just say the loudest and most noxious sound errupted from Strong Mad, but it didn't come from his mouth, it came from the other end. The Cheat almost passed out but took off running.

I was like way to go Strong Mad. What an awesome display. Then I had this great idea. I grabbed a six pack of root beers and Strong Mad and myself headed over to Marzipan's house. Turns out she was having a dinner party with everyone from town. I wonder where our invition was? Anyway, we barge in and she is all ticked off cause we were not invited.

I tell her that we would leave we just needed to ask Coach Z a question. She said ok but then we had to leave. I handed Strong Mad the six pack and told him to chug down all of them while I distracted everyone by showing them my letter I got in the mail the other day informing me of my millions I won. They were all jealous, I could tell.

Marzipan finally came back and told us to leave. At that point I motioned to Strong Mad to let's go and as I did, he let out the atomic bomb of farts. All of Marzipan's flowers and plants immediatly wilted and all of her guests fled in fear. Strong Mad and I took off running, laughing our butts off.

Man that was so great. We gotta try that again. That will teach Marzipan not to invite us to her stupid parties. Haha. Well, I guess it is time to go look for the Cheat. We haven't seen him since he almost passed out from Strong Mad's fart. I think he found out what Shock and Awe means.

Well, that is all for now Crap for Brains.

I said that is all.

Why are you still reading.

Get a life.

Man, talk about losers, why don't you go outside or something. Nerd.
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Holy Crap! [22 Apr 2003|10:31pm]
I got in the mail today a letter saying that I may have already won a million dollars! Holy crap man, I'm rich. I'll never need to work again...not that I worked ever, but hey, work sucks. So, now the question, how do I go about spending my money?

Well, first I'll probably buy strong_wife a nice big house. You know, to make her happy and also to use it as a place to keep my brand new computers. I'm thinking maybe a minimum 21" flat screen monitor and state of the art everything. Wire the house up and get a couple servers and wireless access points throughout the pad. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Next, buy a couple dozen guitars and practice my mad skills. I mean, I am already so awesome at playing the guitar, but hey practice never hurt anybody...well, except for this time when the Cheat was practicing his basketball shots with Strong Mad and Strong Mad got all dizzy and picked up the Cheat by accident and slam dunked him. It was sooo funny man, we all laughed, well except for the Cheat, cause you know, he got stuck in the net, but we eventually got him down.

The third thing I would buy is a life time supply of cold ones and throw a huge marshmellow roast and invite all you Crap for Brains. Yeah, that would be sweet. You can all talk about how awesome I am, then I can play some guitar and just hang out, till I get bored with everyone then throw everyone out.

yeah, this is going to be awesome man. I can't wait till my check shows up. Should be here any day. Yup, any day...
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Leave a message [21 Apr 2003|05:34pm]
"Hey Crap Face, you've reached Strong Nerd. I'm not here right now, probably hanging out at the stick. So please leave your name and number after the guitar rift and I will get back to you when I feel like it.

Jug jigga jug jigga jug jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga JAH JAH! Beep."
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So Awesome Am I [19 Apr 2003|11:27pm]
Found the street I want to move to. The name of the street is Disk Drive. Now if I could only find a house on that street with the address 144. 144 Disk Drive. That would be totally awesome, like me, and strong_wife.

strong_wife's father, the King of T-Town, opened up a computer store and I worked there today. It just opened so not much merchandise on the floor but my awesomeness attracted a record number of sales.

Bought a game at the store, Warcraft III, so going to try that game out tomorrow. Also need to install Win2k Server on one of the computers upstairs and reformat another computer and I should have my network up and running the way I want it...for now.

Now, where the Cheat is at? I saw him sleeping over in the locker earlier, but he's not there. The Cheat? The Cheat?
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You sank my jengaship [17 Apr 2003|06:42am]
Hi, my name is...
My name is...
My name is...
The Strong Nerd!
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Crazy go nuts [15 Apr 2003|10:35pm]
I got a new computer today. That makes ten (10) total in the house now, man, I am so awesome. Here are the specs of my new computer.
  • 2.4 Ghz Pentium IV Processor
  • 256 MB 266 Mhz DDR RAM
  • 20 GB HDD
  • 64 MB Video Card
  • DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
  • 10/100 Intel NIC Card
  • 17 in. Multimedia Monitor
  • Windows XP Professional

Well, time to check the e-mail. Leave me a question or comment Crap for Brains. Now where did the strong_wife go? I told her to meet me at the stick.
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[13 Apr 2003|09:35pm]
If I could replace my hands with something other then hands, I would chose a iPAQ, aka Palm Pilot, and a can of soda that never runs out of that wonderful drink of the gods, Coca-Cola.

Man, I am so awesome.
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[13 Apr 2003|09:31pm]
I have nine (9) computers running in my house. I am such an awesome nerd.
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[13 Apr 2003|03:11am]
I am still a nerd.
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